Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Where Is He Now?


The Lord gave me this poem at a time when I was in the depths of despair.
Nothing was going right, my body was racked with pain, we were having financial difficulties,
and I was starting to wonder if God was really there at all.

I hope these words that He gave me will encourage you the same way they encouraged me.


If God is love, where is He now,
In my time of greatest need?
For I feel so lost and frightened,
My wounds so raw, they bleed.

Every day as I look around me,
I see nothing but trouble and strife…
Children die, people starve –
There is no respect for life.

 People worship all kinds of gods…
They curse God's name aloud –
Money and power mean everything…
And everyone is so proud.

 "I'm waiting here, My precious child,
And I see your troubled heart.
I want to save them all, you know,
But they have to do their part.

 My love for the world is so great,
That's why I sent My Son…
But they rejected Him, they turned away –
They could not see what He had done.

If you'll reach out to Him right now,
Your doubt and fear will end.
He's standing there with open arms,
And He wants to be your friend.

On the rugged cross He took your pain,
And He washed your sins away –
wants to keep you safe from harm,
If you'll give Him your heart today.

 As you do, His love will set you free,
And you'll feel such sweet release.
All your fear and doubt will disappear,
And your heart will be filled with peace."

Copyright © 1992 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

God bless you, and peace be with you!



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