Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Many times I have wondered, as I'm sure you must have, too, just why we have to endure so much
pain and suffering in our lives.  At one particularly bad time in my life, when I was suffering
from an acute attack of clinical depression, the Lord gave me the following words of hope.
I hope that you, too, will find some comfort in them.


I so often wonder, Father,
Why I've been through so much pain,
And why, when I think things can't get worse,
They do, time and time again.
Sometimes I feel so lonely,
So afraid and full of doubt,
And wonder why it appears to me
That You have shut me out.

I see so many other people
Who seem happy and carefree…
They look so fit and healthy;
The complete opposite of me.
Why should I be the one to suffer,
While others live a life of ease,
For I'm the one who follows You,
But they do as they please.
 Then I move a little closer
And look into their eyes,
And through the window of their souls,
I see the fear they can't disguise.
They really don't have anything;
No love, no hope, no friends,
And I realise they do not know
Where they'll go when their life ends.
 Oh, Father, I now realise,
And in my heart I know it's true,
That, if I had never suffered,
I would never have met You.
For it was only because I suffered
That I began to seek You out,
And found that You're the answer
In my times of fire and drought.
 And when I think about my life,
And all that I've been through,
I realise I'm only here
Because of my belief in You.
There were times when I really thought
I just could not take any more,
But You were always with me,
To encourage and reassure.
 For every time I feel downhearted,
Or my body's racked with pain,
I only have to worship You
And my spirit soars again.
I only have to read Your Word
For my fear to disappear,
And, as I bow my head in prayer,
I know that You are near.
 So Father, please forgive my fear,
And please disregard my doubt,
For I know that You are always near,
And that You will never shut me out.
For You are my refuge and my strength,
My Saviour and my friend,
And I know that I will be with You,
When my life here comes to an end.
Copyright © 1998 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

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