Saturday, December 19, 2015

Doesn't Anybody Care?

As Christmas approaches it is becoming more and more obvious that there are
so many people throughout the world in need of God's love and mercy.
Please use this season of peace and goodwill to reach out to those in need
and give them the gift of Christ.  Show them that there IS someone who cares for them,
and that they are not alone, if they will just reach out to God and ask Him to forgive.


Every day, as I look around me,
I see so many people filled with despair,
And, Lord, I find myself asking,
"Doesn't anybody care?"

There are people living on the streets,
Freezing cold, and with feet so bare,
And more and more I have to ask,
"Doesn't anybody care?"

I see so many so-called Christians
With more than enough money to spare,
But they only think of making more –
Why doesn't anybody care?

People are killing each other,
And sin is rife everywhere.
Oh, Lord, why doesn't anyone listen,
And why doesn't anybody care?

"My child, I know just what you mean,
And I hear your humble prayer.
That's why I sent my Son, Jesus –
To show you how much I care."

"If people would only obey My Word,
They'd be released from the tempter's snare,
So I want you to reach out to the world,
And tell them how much I care."

"Tell them, if they will confess their sin,
And if true repentance they will declare,
From all of their burdens they'll be set free,
And I'll show them just how much I care."

Copyright © 1999 Christine Chipman.  All rights reserved.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and that your New Year is filled with an abundance of
God's mercy and grace.  Please leave any comments, good or bad, if you would be so kind,
as I'd love to know what people think and what they are going through.



Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Many times I have wondered, as I'm sure you must have, too, just why we have to endure so much
pain and suffering in our lives.  At one particularly bad time in my life, when I was suffering
from an acute attack of clinical depression, the Lord gave me the following words of hope.
I hope that you, too, will find some comfort in them.


I so often wonder, Father,
Why I've been through so much pain,
And why, when I think things can't get worse,
They do, time and time again.
Sometimes I feel so lonely,
So afraid and full of doubt,
And wonder why it appears to me
That You have shut me out.

I see so many other people
Who seem happy and carefree…
They look so fit and healthy;
The complete opposite of me.
Why should I be the one to suffer,
While others live a life of ease,
For I'm the one who follows You,
But they do as they please.
 Then I move a little closer
And look into their eyes,
And through the window of their souls,
I see the fear they can't disguise.
They really don't have anything;
No love, no hope, no friends,
And I realise they do not know
Where they'll go when their life ends.
 Oh, Father, I now realise,
And in my heart I know it's true,
That, if I had never suffered,
I would never have met You.
For it was only because I suffered
That I began to seek You out,
And found that You're the answer
In my times of fire and drought.
 And when I think about my life,
And all that I've been through,
I realise I'm only here
Because of my belief in You.
There were times when I really thought
I just could not take any more,
But You were always with me,
To encourage and reassure.
 For every time I feel downhearted,
Or my body's racked with pain,
I only have to worship You
And my spirit soars again.
I only have to read Your Word
For my fear to disappear,
And, as I bow my head in prayer,
I know that You are near.
 So Father, please forgive my fear,
And please disregard my doubt,
For I know that You are always near,
And that You will never shut me out.
For You are my refuge and my strength,
My Saviour and my friend,
And I know that I will be with You,
When my life here comes to an end.
Copyright © 1998 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

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Have a wonderful day, and may God bless you with an abundance of His mercy and grace, now and forever!



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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Where Is He Now?


The Lord gave me this poem at a time when I was in the depths of despair.
Nothing was going right, my body was racked with pain, we were having financial difficulties,
and I was starting to wonder if God was really there at all.

I hope these words that He gave me will encourage you the same way they encouraged me.


If God is love, where is He now,
In my time of greatest need?
For I feel so lost and frightened,
My wounds so raw, they bleed.

Every day as I look around me,
I see nothing but trouble and strife…
Children die, people starve –
There is no respect for life.

 People worship all kinds of gods…
They curse God's name aloud –
Money and power mean everything…
And everyone is so proud.

 "I'm waiting here, My precious child,
And I see your troubled heart.
I want to save them all, you know,
But they have to do their part.

 My love for the world is so great,
That's why I sent My Son…
But they rejected Him, they turned away –
They could not see what He had done.

If you'll reach out to Him right now,
Your doubt and fear will end.
He's standing there with open arms,
And He wants to be your friend.

On the rugged cross He took your pain,
And He washed your sins away –
wants to keep you safe from harm,
If you'll give Him your heart today.

 As you do, His love will set you free,
And you'll feel such sweet release.
All your fear and doubt will disappear,
And your heart will be filled with peace."

Copyright © 1992 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

God bless you, and peace be with you!



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My Nail Art Journey 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The King Is Coming...

More and more lately the Lord has been placing on my heart the certain knowledge that He will be coming soon.  Of course, we do not know just when He will come, but the signs of the times seem to point so clearly to the fact that at no time in the past has so much of what was prophesied in the Word about the Lord's second coming been occurring.  The elect are being deceived by false prophets, wickedness and downright evil of every kind, as in the days of Noah, is rife throughout the world, natural disasters are increasing daily, the Jews now have a homeland of their own at last and are gathering there from the four corners of the world (a fact which such a short time ago seemed impossible), and only in our time have we been able to envisage the fact that the whole world could be destroyed in a matter of moments.  The Lord seems to be warning His people everywhere to be prepared - wake up, be alert - for the time of our redemption is nigh.  
So beloved friends, we need to keep looking up, because... THE KING IS COMING!


The King is coming, I know He is,
Though I don't know when it will be;
Maybe on a day just like this
He'll return for you and me.

I know He said He would come again
And for that day every soul should yearn,
For then you'll feel no more sorrow or pain,
If to Jesus you will turn.

He'll stand with arms spread open wide,
And all the Heavenly host will declare,
That He's come to take His holy Bride
To rise and meet Him in the air.

The dead in Christ will be the first to rise,
For their souls have waited for so long,
Then we who are alive will follow close behind
To finally join the Heavenly throng.

So are you watching and waiting for your King
To come and take you to His side,
Where forevermore His praise you'll sing
As His pure and holy Bride?

For He will come, of this I'm sure,
So keep looking to the sky.
Then with Him we'll reign forevermore –
He said He'd come, and He does not lie.
Copyright © 1997 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

God bless you, and peace be with you.



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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Come Now, Holy Spirit!

This poem came to me when I was feeling weak and lonely.  I suffer from clinical depression, and there are times when I really need to know that the Lord is with me.  Whenever I feel down and alone, I usually only have to put on some praise and worship music and worship the Lord, and the Holy Spirit fills me with peace and a feeling of reassurance.  We need to realise that He IS always with us, guiding us, comforting us in times of sorrow, lifting us up when we fall, and sheltering us from all our enemies.  He is always there when we need Him.  All we have to do is reach out.

Come now, Holy Spirit,
And fill me with Your power –
I need to know You're with me
Every single hour. 

As I come into Your presence now,
I need to know Your will,
So I will sit in silence, Lord –
I will wait; I will be still.

As I go into the world today,
I need You as my guide,
To lead me and to strengthen me;
To know You're by my side.

May every word I speak, my Lord,
Be gentle, soft and warm;
May it reach the hearts of those I meet,
And calm the raging storm.

May the love of God pour out of me
And quench each thirsty soul;
Like a river of living water,
May it touch and make them whole.

The desire of my heart, my Lord,
Is for Your people to be free,
So let them see in me, my Lord,
None of self, but only Thee.
Copyright © 1993 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

You Said The Time Would Come!

 Have you looked around you lately?  Have you noticed what is going on in the world today?

Where are all the Godly men who used to guide the young as they grew up?

Why is it that, in so many churches, people are looking for thrills and good times,
and expecting the Lord to give to them, instead of worshiping the Lord and
meeting together to give back to Him the honour due His name?

  Why are people listening to the heresy and false doctrine being preached in so many churches today?

Well, if you read His Word, in it God told us clearly what to expect!
He told us that this would happen in the end times before the Lord returned!

Are we, perhaps, living in the end times?  Is the Lord coming again soon?
I believe so, and the cry of my heart is, "Come, Lord Jesus, come!"
You said the time would come, my Lord,
When even the elect could be deceived,
Because men would preach false doctrine,
And their words would be received.

You firmly warned us not to listen
To the lies these men conceived,
For only if he preaches Your Word
Should any man be believed.

You told us that in the Bible
The truth would be revealed -
It would be plainly there to see,
Not deeply hidden or concealed.

You warned us to heed Your Spirit,
Not the deceitful words of men -
Through Him Your Truth we'd clearly see,
If we had truly been born again.

You said that men would twist Your words
And preach a message that is untrue,
And that for everyone they led astray
They would have to account to You.

Well, Lord, these things are happening
Right around the world today,
And far too many of Your people
Are being so horribly led astray.

So, Lord, I ask You to intercede,
And, please, open Your people's eyes
To see these men for what they are,
And that their words are blatant lies!

Help them to turn back to Your Word
So they can find out what is true,
And Lord, please guide them on the path
That will lead them back to You!

Copyright © 1998 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

God bless you, and peace be with you.



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Friday, April 10, 2015

Love Flowed Like A River

This particular poem came to me one day when I was meditating on the meaning of the Cross and what
Jesus actually did for us when He died. I hope this poem helps you, too, to remember and be thankful
for the amazing love He has for us which was demonstrated by His awesome sacrifice.

Just think!  Even though we are not worthy, our dear Lord Jesus was willing to lay down His life for you & me.

This is the TRUE meaning of love.



Love flowed like a river
From the cross that blessed day,
For when Jesus shed His precious blood,
He washed all my sins away.

By the stripes He bore upon His back,
Every sickness and disease were healed,
And with the crown of thorns upon His head,
His majesty was revealed.

The nails that pierced His hands and feet
Did not hold Him on the tree –
For they were just a symbol,
Of His love for you and me.

As He yielded up His life in love,
His friends could only mourn –
The earth shook, the sky went dark,
And in the temple the veil was torn.

At that moment the barriers came down
Between us and God above,
So now we can freely enter in
To the fullness of God's love.

They took Him down and buried Him,
And thought that was the end.
He had told them all what lay in store –
They just could not comprehend.

For He rose again, He is alive,
He's banished fear and strife –
Because death could not hold Him down,
I now have eternal life.

So won't you reach out to Him
And give to Him your heart?
So He can fill you with His peace
And from your side He'll never depart.

Copyright © 1993 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved

God bless you, and peace be with you.



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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Word Of God

This poem came to me one day when I was worshiping the Lord and it dawned on me that the Word of God is not only the Bible, but, as is stated in the Bible, the Word of God is Jesus.  So, as you read the written Word of God, I urge you to consider also just who and what Jesus is. 


The Word of God is much sharper
Than any two-edged sword,
And it will slay all your enemies
As you worship with one accord.
 The Word of God is much sweeter
Than the honey in the hive,
For it tells us we have been set free
And we no longer need to strive.
 The Word of God is much brighter
Than the sun up in the sky,
For it is the lamp that lights our way
And on it we can always rely.
 The Word of God will stand forever
It's power will never fade;
It's our shield against all our enemies,
So do not be dismayed.
 The Word of God is sufficient
To supply all of our needs,
For it fills our empty, thirsty souls
And our hungry hearts it feeds. 

The Word of God is much deeper
Than the oceans or the seas;
It tells us of God's one and only Son
Who will all our sorrows ease.
 The Word of God is much stronger
Than any battle we may have to face,
For it fills us with the knowledge
Of the Lord's amazing grace.
For the Word of God is Jesus,
Our Saviour and our friend,
And I know He'll never leave us
And His love will never end.
Copyright © 1997 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

God bless you, and peace be with you.



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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Whenever I think of the Lord, my heart feels like singing.  I will often find myself singing a praise and worship song or hymn under my breath as I walk along, without even consciously realising what I am doing.  I can't wait for the day when I go to be with the Lord so that I can spend eternity with the heavenly host singing praises to my God and King.

I will sing of the mercies of the Lord
For as long as I shall live,
Because if I come to Him in repentance,
I know my sins He will forgive.

I will sing praises to my God and King,
And tell of His love for you and me,
For He sent His Son to dwell with us,
And from pain and suffering set us free.

I will sing of the joy in my heart,
So the whole world will know how I feel,
For I want them all to know the truth –
That my God and King is real.

I will sing songs of worship to my King
As I bow before His throne,
For I know He's always there for me,
And that I'll never walk alone.

I will sing of His love, and His peace,
For of both there is no end,
And I know He's not only my Father,
But my most dear and precious friend.

So I will sing my praise forevermore –
Won't you join me in my song –
For some day soon He's coming back
To take us to where we really belong.

Copyright © 1998 Christine Chipman.  All rights reserved.

God bless you, and peace be with you.



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Saturday, February 14, 2015


I wrote this poem one day after spending time in worship.  I was overcome by the feeling of wonder that everything on this earth just had to be created by God - it couldn't have just happened by accident, as many people would have us believe.  As I looked around me, at the intricacy of everything God has made, I thought to myself, "How can anyone believe that these things just occurred by chance?  Surely people must see that something as intricate as the tiniest orchid, or as powerful as the largest lion, or as interesting as a tiny ant, or as awesome as a whale in the ocean, or for that matter man himself, couldn't just have happened.  And we musn't forget all the beauty of nature over the different seasons of the year. Everything was created for us by a loving God, who loves and cares for us, and who created us in His own image.  Why is it that people are so blind?"  My prayer is that people will have their eyes opened so that they, too, might see the splendour of God's workmanship as they go about their lives each day.

Lord, I behold Your splendour
Everywhere I look…
In the rushing, mighty river –
In the gentle, babbling brook.

 I see You in the mountains,
With their peaks all white with snow,
And in the peaceful valleys,
As they nestle far below.

I see You in the ocean waves
As they crash upon the sand…
I see You in the rain drops,
As upon the leaves they land.

I see You in the moon and stars,
As they shine so bright at night…
And I see You in the sun by day,
As You warm me with its light.

You're there in the mighty oak tree,
As it stands so straight and tall...
You're there in the humble forget-me-not,
So dainty and so small.

I see You in the eagle,
As it soars so high above,
And I see You in the sparrow,
And the gentle, peaceful dove.

You're there in the fearsome jungle beasts,
As they roam so free and wild,
But You're also there in a mother's smile,
As she looks upon her child.

Lord, as I behold Your splendour,
My heart is filled with awe…
So I lift my hands in praise to You,
And on Your wings of love I soar.

Copyright © 1992 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

God bless you, and peace be with you.



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Monday, January 19, 2015

Lord, Are You Really There?

Do you ever feel as though God has deserted you?  Do you ever feel as if you are struggling along all on your own, weighed down by the burdens of the world and filled with despair?  Do you ever feel as though no-one cares?  Well, I too have felt this way, and it was during one of those times that the Lord gave me this poem as a reassurance of His love for me and to let me know that, no matter what is happening in my life, He is always there to help me through.  
I hope that it is also an encouragement to you.



In the stillness of the night,
Do You hear me when I call?
When I reach out in the darkness,
Are You really there at all?

When I cry out in my grief and pain,
Lord, do You really care?
You say You feel it too, my Lord,
But are you really there?

When my foes rise up against me,
Are You with me in the fight?
Will You arm me for the battle;
Will You be my guiding light?

As I walk this darkened path, my Lord,
Feeling lonely, and so small,
Will You hold me when I stumble?
Will You catch me if I fall?

 "I'm here, My child, I really am,
Cast out all fear and doubt.
I hear you when you cry to me,
And I will never shut you out.

As you stumble through the darkness,
Please, have no doubt at all:
I will hold you in My loving arms –
I will never let you fall.

I will arm you for the battle;
My joy will be your strength;
I'll be right there beside you;
I will go to any length.

So don't give up, My precious child,
You have no need to fear.
I love you, and I'll hold you…
My child, I'm always here."

Copyright © 1992 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

God bless you, and peace be with you.



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