Saturday, October 18, 2014



Lord, I want to thank You for the promises
You made in Your Word for me,
And I'm so grateful for Your sacrifice,
For by it I've been set free.

You promised me eternal life
If I would just believe in You,
And I'm waiting for that blessed day
When this fact for me comes true.

You promised I'd be born again,
And Lord, I surely know,
That when You shed Your precious blood
You washed me white as snow.

You promised I'd be forgiven
If in my heart I'd truly repent,
And I'd no longer be hurt and troubled,
But peaceful and content.

You said it would not be easy
To follow the road that leads to You,
But if I kept to the straight and narrow path
That You would see me through.

But the most exciting promise You made,
If I would simply trust in You,
Is that when my work on earth is done
I'd forever live with You.

You've gone to prepare for me a mansion
With You in heaven up above,
And forever I will dwell with You
And bask within Your love.

So I thank You for Your promise
That I'll stand before Your throne,
And forevermore my praise will ring
For You and You alone.
Copyright © 1998 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

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