Saturday, February 14, 2015


I wrote this poem one day after spending time in worship.  I was overcome by the feeling of wonder that everything on this earth just had to be created by God - it couldn't have just happened by accident, as many people would have us believe.  As I looked around me, at the intricacy of everything God has made, I thought to myself, "How can anyone believe that these things just occurred by chance?  Surely people must see that something as intricate as the tiniest orchid, or as powerful as the largest lion, or as interesting as a tiny ant, or as awesome as a whale in the ocean, or for that matter man himself, couldn't just have happened.  And we musn't forget all the beauty of nature over the different seasons of the year. Everything was created for us by a loving God, who loves and cares for us, and who created us in His own image.  Why is it that people are so blind?"  My prayer is that people will have their eyes opened so that they, too, might see the splendour of God's workmanship as they go about their lives each day.

Lord, I behold Your splendour
Everywhere I look…
In the rushing, mighty river –
In the gentle, babbling brook.

 I see You in the mountains,
With their peaks all white with snow,
And in the peaceful valleys,
As they nestle far below.

I see You in the ocean waves
As they crash upon the sand…
I see You in the rain drops,
As upon the leaves they land.

I see You in the moon and stars,
As they shine so bright at night…
And I see You in the sun by day,
As You warm me with its light.

You're there in the mighty oak tree,
As it stands so straight and tall...
You're there in the humble forget-me-not,
So dainty and so small.

I see You in the eagle,
As it soars so high above,
And I see You in the sparrow,
And the gentle, peaceful dove.

You're there in the fearsome jungle beasts,
As they roam so free and wild,
But You're also there in a mother's smile,
As she looks upon her child.

Lord, as I behold Your splendour,
My heart is filled with awe…
So I lift my hands in praise to You,
And on Your wings of love I soar.

Copyright © 1992 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

God bless you, and peace be with you.



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