Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Word Of God

This poem came to me one day when I was worshiping the Lord and it dawned on me that the Word of God is not only the Bible, but, as is stated in the Bible, the Word of God is Jesus.  So, as you read the written Word of God, I urge you to consider also just who and what Jesus is. 


The Word of God is much sharper
Than any two-edged sword,
And it will slay all your enemies
As you worship with one accord.
 The Word of God is much sweeter
Than the honey in the hive,
For it tells us we have been set free
And we no longer need to strive.
 The Word of God is much brighter
Than the sun up in the sky,
For it is the lamp that lights our way
And on it we can always rely.
 The Word of God will stand forever
It's power will never fade;
It's our shield against all our enemies,
So do not be dismayed.
 The Word of God is sufficient
To supply all of our needs,
For it fills our empty, thirsty souls
And our hungry hearts it feeds. 

The Word of God is much deeper
Than the oceans or the seas;
It tells us of God's one and only Son
Who will all our sorrows ease.
 The Word of God is much stronger
Than any battle we may have to face,
For it fills us with the knowledge
Of the Lord's amazing grace.
For the Word of God is Jesus,
Our Saviour and our friend,
And I know He'll never leave us
And His love will never end.
Copyright © 1997 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

God bless you, and peace be with you.



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