Saturday, April 18, 2015

You Said The Time Would Come!

 Have you looked around you lately?  Have you noticed what is going on in the world today?

Where are all the Godly men who used to guide the young as they grew up?

Why is it that, in so many churches, people are looking for thrills and good times,
and expecting the Lord to give to them, instead of worshiping the Lord and
meeting together to give back to Him the honour due His name?

  Why are people listening to the heresy and false doctrine being preached in so many churches today?

Well, if you read His Word, in it God told us clearly what to expect!
He told us that this would happen in the end times before the Lord returned!

Are we, perhaps, living in the end times?  Is the Lord coming again soon?
I believe so, and the cry of my heart is, "Come, Lord Jesus, come!"
You said the time would come, my Lord,
When even the elect could be deceived,
Because men would preach false doctrine,
And their words would be received.

You firmly warned us not to listen
To the lies these men conceived,
For only if he preaches Your Word
Should any man be believed.

You told us that in the Bible
The truth would be revealed -
It would be plainly there to see,
Not deeply hidden or concealed.

You warned us to heed Your Spirit,
Not the deceitful words of men -
Through Him Your Truth we'd clearly see,
If we had truly been born again.

You said that men would twist Your words
And preach a message that is untrue,
And that for everyone they led astray
They would have to account to You.

Well, Lord, these things are happening
Right around the world today,
And far too many of Your people
Are being so horribly led astray.

So, Lord, I ask You to intercede,
And, please, open Your people's eyes
To see these men for what they are,
And that their words are blatant lies!

Help them to turn back to Your Word
So they can find out what is true,
And Lord, please guide them on the path
That will lead them back to You!

Copyright © 1998 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

God bless you, and peace be with you.



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