Monday, December 15, 2014

The Greatest Gift Of All!

This Christmas, please help others to remember just what Christmas is really all about. With all the hustle and bustle we sometimes forget that the greatest gift of all cannot be bought.  It does not have to be earned.  It was freely given to all, if people would just ask God for it.  So, why not give someone the greatest gift of all this Christmas - JESUS!

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Every Christmas we see lots of  people
Madly scurrying to and fro,
Constantly searching for that perfect gift,
As evidence of their love to show.

They go rushing around from store to store,
With only one thing on their mind,
Forgetting that the true meaning of Christmas
In a department store they will not find.

They think that money can buy love,
So they spend more than they can afford,
Hoping if the gift is a costly one,
They in return will receive a reward.

Why can't people see there is only one gift
Which can fill the cold, empty heart –
It will fill them with peace and so much joy,
And true mercy and love will impart.

So this Christmas introduce someone to Jesus,
And ask them to please heed His call –
Please help them to realise Jesus
Is truly the greatest gift of all.

Copyright © 2000  Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

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