Saturday, December 19, 2015

Doesn't Anybody Care?

As Christmas approaches it is becoming more and more obvious that there are
so many people throughout the world in need of God's love and mercy.
Please use this season of peace and goodwill to reach out to those in need
and give them the gift of Christ.  Show them that there IS someone who cares for them,
and that they are not alone, if they will just reach out to God and ask Him to forgive.


Every day, as I look around me,
I see so many people filled with despair,
And, Lord, I find myself asking,
"Doesn't anybody care?"

There are people living on the streets,
Freezing cold, and with feet so bare,
And more and more I have to ask,
"Doesn't anybody care?"

I see so many so-called Christians
With more than enough money to spare,
But they only think of making more –
Why doesn't anybody care?

People are killing each other,
And sin is rife everywhere.
Oh, Lord, why doesn't anyone listen,
And why doesn't anybody care?

"My child, I know just what you mean,
And I hear your humble prayer.
That's why I sent my Son, Jesus –
To show you how much I care."

"If people would only obey My Word,
They'd be released from the tempter's snare,
So I want you to reach out to the world,
And tell them how much I care."

"Tell them, if they will confess their sin,
And if true repentance they will declare,
From all of their burdens they'll be set free,
And I'll show them just how much I care."

Copyright © 1999 Christine Chipman.  All rights reserved.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and that your New Year is filled with an abundance of
God's mercy and grace.  Please leave any comments, good or bad, if you would be so kind,
as I'd love to know what people think and what they are going through.



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