Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Blood Of Christ

When Jesus shed His blood upon the Cross, it was one of the most important events
for us, His followers, because through His shed blood we have been washed
whiter than snow.  We can now come before God without shame, for He sees us
through the Blood of Christ, not in our sinful rags.


The blood of Christ is not just a stream,
But a river, running free,
And it flows from my Saviour's wounded side,
Which was pierced for you and me.

It pours like a mighty, rushing flood,
To remove my every stain –
It has washed me whiter than the snow,
And no guilt and
shame remain.

This river is the fountain of love
Which God pours into my heart,
And when beneath that flow I stand,
His peace and joy it does impart.

It is the assurance God has given me
Of His mercy and His grace,
For now, by the blood, I can enter in
And gaze upon His face.

The cleansing power of the blood of Christ
Prepares my heart to do God's will,
And the empty vessel that remains
With His Spirit He will fill.

Yet, sometimes it flows so quietly
Through my heart and through my soul,
And as it washes over me,
I know that God is in control.

Copyright © 1993 Christine Chipman. All rights reserved.

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